Day 72. 293 days and $289 left to go.

This plain jane dress was something that had potential - the super peachy hue reminded me of my wallpaper from the room I grew up in on Long Island (with the addition of teal flecks, of course) and I thought it could turn into something killer. Day 72 - Before

There were four pleats in the center of the skirt which were cool, however the length was kind of iffy. Belt loops were found and no belt, of course along with shoulder pads, shocker, that emphasized the amazing ruched sleeves that really didn't need any help making a statement. A few adjustments awaited my arrival, and I was almost there...

First, cut off the bottom (and the belt loops)!!

Trim the skirt!

Next, cut out those shoulder pads!!

More shoulder pads...

Post snippage, I ended up with a super fun top. Just a little belting action, some skinny jeans, my sunglasses, a glass of wine (...and my bag of magazines to recycle in the bg) and it was golden or peachy, rather.

Day 72 - After

FYI friends, this is post-work day. Wine-ing doesn't usually happen in the am...or at least red wine that is :)