Day 74. 291 days and $287 left to go.

Lady in red...I know, two days in a row. But this one was crepe-y and had a fun swishy skirt to play with. And let's be honest, I'm not actually going to wear red on Valentine's Day this Sunday, so I better get it out of my system now, right? Day 74 - Before

This dress had a few things working against it... A, the elastic around the waist was a little worn out and kind of baggy. B, the top of the dress and sleeves were baggy as well - crepe doesn't give much shape and it was rull big, rull, rull big. C, shoulder pads. Are you surprised yet? I don't think so. D, those sashes were just hangin' with no place to go and I didn't want to strangle myself with them.

First, the sleeves and top of the dress got brought in, which solved the baggy issue on all fronts. Shoulder pads were taken out (!!!!) and the sashes were stitched so they could make a tie on the side of the collar which wouldn't involve me choking myself. Usually this length is no bueno, however because of swishyness of the skirt and the way it moved and the slight scalloping on the edges I didn't want to change it at all.

Day 74 - After

With the addition of the excess fabric from the dress on Day 70 (which I also used as a sash that eve) that I used as a belt along with some black blazer action and amazing vintage Nine West pumps, (and by vintage, I mean they're from 2004) this dress was ready to spin circles in do a little meeting up with RC!

Just a little close up on that reused sash because it worked fabulously...

Torso Shot (One Hand!!)

...and the shoes, because they didn't make the cut in the first pic. They're slingbacks too, which you can't see. Simply heaven.

Hot Kicks!

I promise to veer away from the red color palette tomorrow. And by promise, I mean I'll see what I can do :)