Day 71. 294 days and $290 left to go.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday friends! Because of the abundance of food that was going to be consumed today - 7 layer dips, chicken sausages, margaritas, Tostitos Hint of Lime know what I'm talking 'bout Willis - I wanted something non-constricting without it being what I wear to yoga. Also I didn't want to have any blue on me as I was rooting all the way for the Saints! (The Colts took my Jets out two weeks ago and I still haven't forgiven Peyton or Mr. Garçon for the loss) Day 71 - Before

Super cute lace top was my pick for today. Now I didn't take any closeups, however the shirt had become a slightly muted yellowish/brown after years of being in somebody's basement. It was murky lookin' and kind of see through and I wasn't digging it at all. I wasn't sure if I should make it into a vest or a tank top, but after assessing it, I really liked the sleeves and the ruffled collar was pretty great as well, so I kept it intact. I opted to bring out the dyes and go to town on it in a lovely lavender shade.

Day 71 - After

Now just this subtle purple change with the addition of a black tank underneath and my black cap made the perfect football ensemble. This was taken post Saints victory, meaning post-margaritas, post-chips & dip, and post-chicken sausage, but you couldn't tell as the shirt is sans a bottom button making it just like an elastic number but without the less-chic association of actually wearing elastic.

Also, there was one other thing that made this the perfect football ensemble - check it out...

Shot through the heart!

It's my trusty little Bullets 4 Peace Fleur de Lis necklace, which made its' first appearance this afternoon :) This little gift came in handy today as the Saints' logo was adorned around my neck, on a recycled bullet, blinged out in black rhinestones. Even though I wasn't in New Orleans to get beaded, this worked like a pun intended. Best part is, is that I didn't even have to flash my boobs to get it!! But let me tell you friends...Fat Tuesday's piece is going to be awesome.