Day 66. 299 days and $295 left to go.

Today was a very special day. Aside from LOST finally coming back (how I've missed you Sawyer...oh, Sayid, you too) I had a fun date with Pee-wee Herman (and my dad) at his live show in downtown LA. I'll say it, I've been a fan since I was a lil' lass and couldn't wait to check it out (and see what the secret word was). It called for an ensemble of the dandiest proportions and I believe this piece did just the trick. Day 66 - Before

But before hitting the playhouse there were some necessary adjustments that had to get made. First, we said later to the length - it was too long and needed to be shortened just a tad. A little snippy, snippy of the skirt and a little rehemmy, rehemmy of the bottom edge and we were almost ready to roll! Next, there was some unbuttoning that had to occur - three of them to be exact and then those long sashes needed to be tied together in a big, fabulous bow (the bigger and poofier, the better). We're almost ivory vest was thrown on, on top of the dress (mine was a cotton Triple Five Soul one from a few years ago), red boots were added along with a vintage red apple pin & leather bangles from my collection of treasured family pieces. Last but not least, those sleeves had to get rolled up. After a few hot seconds, this piece was show ready. I rather loved the outcome...

Day 66 - After

I know, I know...if I love this outfit so much, I should marry it, right? I'd say yes if my year was coming to an end, however I've still got 299 days to go. I have a lot more fun (scream real loud for the secret word!!!) to look forward to! We'll dance to Tequila before the year is up. You can count on that!!