Day 65. 300 days and $296 left to go.

Big and frumsters!!! That's what this dress totally made me think when I first saw it. Super schoolmarmy and not something that anyone who isn't teaching 4th graders in 1992 should be wearing. (Sorry Mrs. Wadalavage, I think you may have worn this then...) Day 65 - Before

But, I was up to the challenge. You wanna know why? Well, the embroidered floral collar (yep, that's purple and gold embroidery could you get rid of a color combo like that?!?) was something that I had to work with.

ECU of collar (Extreme Close-Up!)

It looked slightly tableclothy with the edges of the collar crocheted (my mom still uses her crocheted table runner that I've tried to have her get rid of with no success. Sorry Mom...I know you heart it) but there was a lot that could be fixed solely by opening a few buttons. Before this, we needed to hike the puppy up a bit. It was that weird knee-ish/calf-ish length which is not attractive on my legs. I don't want to accentuate the not so hot six inches between the skirt bottom (my knees) and the top of the boots (my calf) so I just took it up. There were weirdo mini-shoulder pads as well (I can't escape them!) and they had to be extracted.

Mini shoulder pads (Before)

Insert scissor snipping here and...operation success!!

Mini shoulder pads (Post-extraction)

It was a little big in the waist too, so I brought it in a bit and then paired it with a navy belt that was a find at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in downtown LA a year ago. I think I scored it for less than a buck and it fits perfectly. Being that yesterday's lunch lady ensemble was such a hit, I thought I'd pair today's with a grey camisole and unbutton the front of this frock.

Day 65 - After

These small changes made a world of difference and the bottle of vino in hand only helped! I had the girls over tonight as my casa hosted this month's Italian themed cooking club dinner. Discussions of doors (or lack there of), JH's matchmaking skills, and chocolate fountains (or the convos had right by them) made up our evening as we sat on my floor with turkey lasagna, white bean soup, last night's Grammys on in the background, and that vino in my hand poured into glasses. The best way to start the week, if you ask me...