Day 67. 298 days and $294 left to go.

Today's find was one that was suited for a woman a bit larger than myself and with a bosom the size of my head. (PS, big boobs are not something I'm familiar with, so girls who got 'em, enjoy 'em :) Clearly there was some work that needed to be done as this puppy was veering on the "yikes, there was a reason this was tossed" vibe. Day 67 - Before

It was never gonna work, me in a long dress of these proportions, so I thought it would be best if we made this into a top instead of polyester gown. Whip out the scissors, a little cut and snip, taking in a bit of the top and hemming up those rough edges at the we're cookin' with gas, friends!!

Shortened and hemmed

With the top being close to completion, I tried it on...

Day 67 - After

Better, but with it still looking severely old-fashioned (and that's not even because it's in black & white either) a final adjustment had to get made. I took a floral patterned cardigan and put it on top. I love the mixing of patterns, especially the idea of floral on floral. They don't have to match and it's a little more fun to play around with two completely different pieces - this cardi was old school Esprit.

Day 67 - After (the final one...promise!)

And after the layering, I felt totally, utterly, super chic in this outfit. The newly created top peeked out under the cardigan and at the sleeves. I threw on my big shades, grabbed my laptop (as well as my to-go coffee in my travel mug) and left the house feeling boho and fab. Cheap pattern-layering ensemble that has graced the pages of Lucky many a time but for a buck and a little bit of elbow grease. Not too bad for a Wednesday, eh?