Day 64. 301 days and $297 left to go.

Now this HAD to have been the uniform (a chic one, I might add, as there was lots of embroidery) of a lunch lady somewhere... Turquoise, white pearlized buttons, cuffed sleeves, and pockets! The potential was there for this to not be associated with hair nets, corn dogs and spatulas and I was ready to take this task on. Day 64 - Before

It was big, yes it was, so this is what got handled. Ready? First, I took off the pockets with a seam ripper as I needed to bring the top in and didn't want to sacrifice losing the gorgeous embroidered hand holders. Second, I brought the top in on both sides about an inch and a half. Third, I repinned the pockets to the garment and sewed them back on. (If i didn't move them, they would have gotten cut off when I took the piece in and it was imperative that the pockets remain. I heart pockets, 'nuff said.)

Here's the after...

Day 64 - After

I didn't need to shorten it, as it was the perfect mini-dress length. I wore a tank underneath, added a satiny sash (thank you to my robe from Chinatown for lending your sash and assisting in today's ensemble), threw on some riding boots and my orange shades for an afternoon birthday bbq celebrating the lovely CD. Weather was close to 70, so it was short sleeves all the way.

It is Lunch Lady Land no longer, Adam Sandler. Adios to that sloppy joe, sloppy, sloppy joe. The only thing this dress is seeing today is strawberry shortcake, caramelized onions, Coors Light and ridiculously delish sliders.