Day 63. 302 days and $298 left to go.

Now, I always wanted a Members Only jacket, ever since I was a kid. It's a piece of clothing synonymous with The Breakfast Club, Anthony Michael Hall/John Cusack, and well most of the 80s. So when I found this one hidden underneath a behemoth of other worn gear, I swiped it as fast as my little hands could grab. All it took was a glimpse of that label and the jacket was mine. Woo hoo! Victory!! Small problem, it was real big... Day 63 - Before

Yep, this jacket was large Marge, but as big as it was it had my name on it and I was going to make it work. And to be honest, for a buck, I'd have bought 10 of them! The sleeves had to be handled as well as the torso, as I was swimming in it. So, I put it on, zipped it up, and pinned the excess that needed to be taken off from the sleeves and the body. I got sewing on my machine, stitched away, cut off the extra material (which was literally half the jacket) and had a finished product that was worthy for a little viewing of Cusack classic Better Off Dead.

Day 63 - After

"When you put it on something happens." With a tagline like that and General Hospital actor Anthony Geary selling them 25 years ago, I imagine it was very difficult not to buy one of these in '83?!? Kinda like the current Luke Wilson AT&T commercials, except not lame and totally retro chic.