Day 62. 303 days and $299 left to go.

Now I totally hearted this little dress when my hands grabbed it from a big ole pile of stuff. Yes, it was slightly Shirley Temple, but I tapped danced my way out of this pile sale with it in my bag of dollar goods! Day 61 - Before

I tried it on and because it had an elastic waist, it fit me like a glove. And the best part? The belt that was made for it actually came with it! This is a first friends - no makeshift belting action! There were two big issues though. One, the shoulder pads!! Again with the matching fabric foam enemies...gross me out!

The sPad

I handled this sitch stat and cut 'em out.

Peace out pads!!

Now that the heightened shoulder problem has left the building, all that was needed was a little length tweaking. I cut some of the bottom off to make it knee-ish length and it was ready to go! Now, the polka dotted pattern was bold and that collar was a statement all on its' own, so I wanted to mellow it down a bit. Going for less ringlet Shirley Temple and more retro librarian :) I decided to take one of my fave cardigans, a "vintage" (circa 2005) Trina Turk number, roll up the sleeves, put the matching belt on top of it along with patterned tights and boots.

Day 61 - After

I actually loved the back even more...

Day 61 - After (From the back!)

Was very proud of this end product. I even got complimented coming out of the grocery store tonight...they must have seen the bottle of vino popping out of my bag. This was a baking, boozing, blogging Friday eve for me friends. The best way to close the week!

Hope all your weekends' rule! xx Marisa