Day 61. 304 days and $300 left to go.

So, let's be honest...jet lag pretty much affects me all the time whether or not a plane is actually involved. This time it's legit, though. I'm completely winded from my little trip and needed something easy and quick for today. That's when I went to this puppy... Day 61 - Before

A basic long-sleeved, collared, button down sweater is what I went with for today. Just by looking at it, it screamed Catholic school uniform and looks like the yin to the plaid wool skirt's yang...if you will. As much as it fit me well, it was a little too plain for my taste, and I wanted to zazz it up a little.

First I said, off with its' sleeves! Grabbed the Singer chompers and cut 'em off.

Off with their sleeves!!

Then I remembered that I had this awesome crest patch in my kit o'patches (yes, I have a kit that houses some patches...I even shock myself sometimes) that I got years and years ago downtown in the garment district. I'm certain that it was found in a box of findings for spare change, as I always have fun trying to pick out rubies in a sea of rhinestones on the cheap. It was the perfect complement to keep it slightly schoolgirly so I took a safety pin and pinned onto the left breast area on the sweater.

Patch Adams!

Now it was hitting the 70s today...I know, ridiculous as I had spent the week in lovely cold temps with a scattered tornado watch here and there, but when in Rome, right? (*Little sidenote - no, that's not a plug for that new Kristen Bell movie, even though I totally heart Gossip Girl and this sweater is kind of reminiscent of something Blair Waldorf would have worn at Constance.) I thought that I'd pair this sweater with one of my favorite blouses in the world, which was also a one dollar find a few years back, and go jacketless on this sunny, comfortable, tornado-less Los Angeles day.

Day 61 - After

Five minutes, a few snips and a safety pin totally gave me a fab Thursday ensemble. I'd like to thank jet lag for giving me the extra push to really think quick and easy today. If it weren't for four-hour layovers in Atlanta, middle seats on the first leg of my flight, multiple coffees from Dunkin' Donuts (I need to get my DD fill whenever I can as LA doesn't have any - I know, blasphemous), a lovely little nap on the second leg of my trip rudely (and quickly) interrupted by the snack cart tackling my shin, then I may not have pulled through victoriously. JL, you're the wind beneath my Delta wings.