Day 60. 305 days and $301 left to go.

Why hello silky-satin nightgown with buttons down the front and a quilted flower by the collar! So nice to have found you laying in a pile of junky throwaways at a garage sale down the street from me. Even though I was just going for a jog around the corner, there was something about you that made me pause my workout, stop my iPod mid-Ziggy Stardust or Justin Timberlake (because a little bit of Bowie or JT always makes me hustle) and choose to spend a dollar on you. Day 60 - Before

You were a shade of faded lilac which could have been from excessive washing over the years, but I saw your potential and was going to give you a little facelift. Out came the Rit dye (Purple #13) and in you went to turn into a lovely amethyst shade. Then the scissors made an appearance to get rid of all your dead ends - about a foot of fabric got chopped off. I still wanted to do a little more, so on my flight to Charlotte over the weekend, I toted along a needle and some sequins to dress up the little floral patch on your collar. You were ready for your extreme makeover after fading all these years.

Stitchin' sequins

I put you on, post-tweakage, with my skinny J Brand jeans, flat black boots, and that same elasticky straw looking belt from yesterday and wore you as I made my trip back west...

Day 60 - After

You were the perfect top to travel in, as you fit into my "try to look chic while flying" rule as well as being airy and comfortable during my 5 and a half hour flight. Unfortunately trying to grab my suitcase wasn't as easy. I had a mild fight with the luggage carousel at LAX...

Day 60 - After

...but I took it down in the third round. Just call me the Irish Pacquiao.

Back home. Goodbye NC!

And I'm back at home in LA. Goodbye NC - it's been lovely getting to spend time with you. I'll be back soon.