Day 59. 306 days and $302 left to go.

Okey dokes folks, today's garment was something I fawned over when I first came across it. The ruched shoulders were simply heaven. I think I need to live in a place called Ruched Shoulderville (and clearly summer in Sequin Beach). Seriously, if every piece of clothing in my closet had ruched shoulders I'd have closet envy of my own instead of JT's, TA's and MC's. No joke. OK, just take a look for yourself... Day 59 - Before

It's hard to really tell up close, but it's a stunner and it fit me rather well too! The waist was elastic, the zipper down the back of the dress was intact, and it was the perfect size. It was pretty much aces for me except for the length and the belt loops that were located around the waist. Unfortch, no belt came with this piece, so I had to figure it out and make it work on my own. It's just too easy, this one...

Day 59 - After

So, you can see that I cut the puppy shorter (no hemming done on this one friends as I'm out-of-town and don't have the sewing machine with me - raw edges all the way), cut off the belt loops, added my fave elasticky straw looking belt, threw on some textured tights and my comfy black flat boots as I created a makeshift window seat in room 368 at Presbyterian Hosp.

We headed to Captain Steve's for hush puppies where I couldn't resist taking themey pics in my ensemble...I mean, with decor like Captain Steve's, you're just asking for pics to be taken. Check it.

Ahoy! (Yes, I'm behind the host stand right now)

Aquarium in the lobby=take picture immediately!

I think the flash from the camera killed the fish. Sorry, Captain!

And sometimes more that just one...

Channeling my inner Nemo

From boat scene...

I'm on a boat...again beach scene next to a now defunct pay phone area, Captain Steve rocks.

Wait, I thought I was in Charlotte, not Jamaica?!?

Radical cousin extraordinaire TP took these fine pics. "Danke Schöen, Darling, Danke Schöen."

Update: For my girl Anne (and those unfamiliar)...hushpuppies!

Fried balls of goodness, aka hushpuppies