Day 58. 307 days and $303 left to go.

I hearted this piece when I found it , so let's not waste any time... Day 58 - Before

Most fabulous of 50s finds! Gorg buttons, 3/4 length sleeves, black linen. Looks good, right? Yeah, not so much - check it out...

Day 58 - Before (from the back)

Agasp, both areas beneath the arms were completely torn open - the left side was pretty thrashed and the right one was not looking so hot either. It must have been a "fat guy in a little coat"/Chris Farley moment to get these puppies ripped this much.

I mean...

ECU!!! (Extreme Close Up!!)

On my little over 2000 mile journey two days ago, I had time on the airplane to do get some hand sewing done. We had our own individual TV's and even though I was listening, I couldn't bring myself to actually watch The Real Housewives of Orange County. I'd like to think that listening doesn't count, but it totally does...

The first thing I did to prep the jacket was to pin up the open seams.

Pin that seam!!

I then took my trusty needle and began my hand stitching journey.

Hand stitchin' away...

Closed up those puppies and then tossed it back into my carry-on bag along with my travel pillow/blanket/sleep mask combo from Pechanga Resort & Casino. I know, as much as I love gambling I won't drive to Temecula, CA for a casino - this was a total freebie that was included in the gift bag from some event that was actually a bit too practical to donate. To answer the question you may be thinking, yes, I am totally horrified each time I bring this out of my bag during my travels...

...and it's yellow!

The after...just like brand new! The holes have been all sealed up and it's ready to wear.

Day 58 - After

Looking at this now, I feel like a total equestrian wearing the jacket - the hat assisted in making me look like a total jockey, but whatevs. I like horse racing, gambling is fun, and yes, I was at the Breeders Cup.

Hello Seabiscuit

'Twas a comfy jacket to wear as we enjoyed some meat. Yep, y'all, we ended our long day with some filets at the Longhorn Steakhouse accompanied by some stuffed baked potato action.

Hello meat!!

Probably the reason the last button on that jacket wouldn't close :)