Day 57. 308 days and $304 left to go.

The choice for today totally felt like the Seinfeld "puffy shirt" just without all the ruffled puffiness. The fitted cuffs and embroidery gave it an Elizabethan feel, but not in a good way. If it makes me feel like Juliet, great. If it makes me feel like Shakespeare himself, not so great. Day 57 - Before

I did love the embroidery and fitted cuffs, but it just didn't work in white. It was in pristine condition, aside from being a little bit large, but that was something that could be easily fixed. I decided to grab the dye and color this piece up! (I promise a full dye tutorial will be coming soon - I'm even going to throw a little tye-dying in for good measure, so sit tight!) Before dye time began I took in the shirt just a skosh and then threw it in a vat of boiling water with some RIT dye in Yellow. I didn't want it to look like a banana, so I put in a smaller amount and it transformed the shirt into a lovely shade of lemon chiffon. (I'm in the south right now, so it's all about food - Chick-Fil-A will be had very, very soon.) Looky, looky...

Day 57 - After

It came out in the most subtle shade of yellow which I loved. For most of the day, I pushed up the lace cuffs to make the sleeves even more poofy, which gave off the Renaissance feel in a total feminine way. The dye took to the embroidered lace beautifully and ended up being a little darker than the rest of the blouse. I loved that the lace was more pronounced now (you can really see it lining the buttons down the front), as you couldn't tell a bit when it was all white. Took the shirt from plain to precious.

I enjoyed a ridiculously delicious Cadillac margie made by my fab cuz-in-law BP as my NY Jets lost to the Colts in the AFC championship game this afternoon...

Shirt matches my marg!

...then enjoyed the warm NC winds while it downpoured.


Thanks to my 'lil cuz RO for the margie and rain pics. I owe you a glass of Cheerwine.

Shout out to my girl RS who was the winner in the cuff giveaway! Her gorge outfit was plucked from her mom's closet (because her mom wore it when she was her age) and is the perfect glam, comfy, sparkling, festive celebratory dress to tear up the dance floor in. "THIS outfit is made to aid in dancing the night away," she said. I think I may need to take a trip to India just to enjoy the fabrics. Congrats lovely lady! xx M

Twirl it up!