Day 45. 320 days and $315 left to go.

Tonight I had an engagement party to attend for the lovely LAF and MP, so I decided that I'd look like a lady (instead of the tramp) and wear a pretty little dress. In its original state it's not so pretty and not so little to be honest. Unfortunately I didn't get an image of me in this puppy beforehand, so all you get is this glamour shot below. Day 45 - Before

It was a bit baggy and quite long - looked like something my teacher from 4th grade would have worn with a pair of orthopedic shoes. (Friends, that's not such a good thing and I'm not even talking about the orthopedic shoes...) I saw the potential in this puppy because it had some amazing navy piping along the sleeves and collar and all the buttons were still sewn on and intact.

ECU! (Extreme Close-Up)

I liked the palm tree-ish pattern on the entire piece, but I was obsessed with the navy details - all this piece needed was a little hipping up which I was ready to begin duty on. First thing I did was gather the area under the arms and against my waist to see how much needed to be trimmed and taken off. I pinned these areas and got sewing. I took in the skirt just a smidge because I wanted to maintain the flowy-ness of it. Final step was to cut off about a foot of material along the bottom of the skirt to hike it up just a tad. Like I said before, I'm going for more lady, less tramp tonight.

Voila, the final product:

Day 45 - After (the party is the after party...on the couch)

The lovely hostess with the mostest (and the camera) LR snapped this shot right before a few of us hopped in the pool (not this lass - my dress was white and when you add that plus water you get a see-through disaster), enjoyed a ridiculously amazing homemade dulce de leche Baked Alaska, and listened to some live Mazzy Star and Pink Floyd on the ones and twos. A lovely evening to celebrate the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. P!