Day 46. 319 days and $314 left to go.

So it was another dye day for me! My red blouse was such a hit last week (click here for a little refresher) that I thought it would be fun to do another one for today. I will post a little dye tutorial soon to show you guys how easy it is to pump up a piece from your closet that may have stains (sometimes wine just doesn't come out!), fading issues (those gym hoodies fade when they're left in your car day after day!) or are just more sheer than the dressing rooms let on. Today's shirt was slightly country western and I'm not one to sing along to "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk," but I do like lace and frills. This was a fine item, however there was a little bit of yellowing under the sleeves. Yeah, it's kinda gross (I washed it numerous times) but let's be honest, I've got a few pieces of white gear that has gone the way of the yellowing that I've tossed too...

Day 46 - Before

Because I'm obsessed with RIT dye and have a slight library of colors to choose from (evidence below), it took a moment to decide which way to go.

Day 46 - if only I had as much stock in an earthquake kit as I do my color changing powder and liquid friends

Shall I choose TANGERINE or BLACK PLUM (this was an old color that I've had for a bit, as I don't believe it's being sold anymore) and I ended up going with the pretty shade of blackish/purple. Tangerine will get a shot at a later TBD date. I threw this in the dye along with another piece that was completely heinous (it will get its début shortly, but slight teaser - vest action!!) and let them marinate. It's interesting to see how the fabric takes to the dye, because all fabrics absorb the color differently and cotton will come out in a shade unlike polyester or nylon. It's actually fun, because it's a bit of a surprise when you take them out. When my lacy, ruched sleeved western blouse was finished, here's what it looked like...

Day 46 - After

It came out a lovely little shade of lavender and the lacy detail on top was more black plum-ish. I loved that it was super subtle - it gave a rather bland and yellowed shirt new life with just a slight change.

I was so excited that I danced with myself. No really, I did.

If I had the chance, I'd ask the world to dance

Can't do Trace Atkins, but Billy Idol I'll sing my little heart out.