Day 44. 321 days and $316 left to go.

Now this piece that I'm working with today needed a whole lotta help, if you ask me. I loved it because it was a silk dress that I scored for a buck. It was too good to turn down and it was the most perfect shade of blue. Sigh... However it had big sleeves, was a little too long and was big not just around the torso, but everywhere. It totally reminded me of a shirt dress, or one of those tragic 80s silk shirts I'd grab from my dad's closet (sorry Dad!!) to wear as a kid as I danced to "Walk Like an Egyptian" in the kitchen. Day 44 - Before

I took in the sleeves, and tightened up the rest of the dress while cutting off about half of the skirt. It looked like a completely different piece upon completion - giving it a little bit of shape was all that I needed to do to transform it from blech to beauteous.

I took my newly created dress and rolled up the sleeves, added my favorite vintage belt (with a killer gold frog clasp, PS) that I scored at Buffalo Exchange last year, threw on some opaque patterned tights and kicks (black boots tonight) and I was golden!!

Day 44 - After (along with some picture crashers)

The perfect ensemble to rock out to Biggie Smalls, Nelly jams from early 2000, and a little bit of Warren G to celebrate and regulate EK's birthday.