Day 43. 322 days and $317 left to go.

Now usually a basic jersey T in a size XL from Old Navy wouldn't catch my fancy. Especially one that looks like this. Gross? Absolutely. Day 43 - Before

However, as I sifted through piles of T-shirts, these colors popped at me and it clicked - it had to be mine. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I know you may be thinking, "this must have screamed St. Patty's Day to you Maris," as the kelly green sleeves are totally leprechaun/Guinness/corned beef & cabbage/sing along to "Whiskey in a Jar" celebratory colors. Not today friends, this shirt was going to be one that celebrated my NFL team of choice, the Jets! You can take the girl outta NY, but you can't take NY outta the girl.

It was a large puppy and I had a bit of sewing to do to make it fit. Baggy jerseys and sweatshirts are totally fine and fun to layer and wear to sporting events when it's -11 degrees out, but I wanted something a little more fitted (and cute) to rock while I rooted for my team in the sunshine. Also, to make it a little more personal, I decided to go with some ironing on today. Wanna see?? Ch, ch, check it out!

Iron Wo-Man

I took the iron on letters to spell out my fave Jets team player, who I'm slightly obsessed with, and placed them evenly on the back of the T. I grabbed my trusty iron and lightly glided over the letters. It doesn't take all but about 30 seconds to do - turn it inside out and iron on the other side of the T to make sure they're good and stuck.

The Reveal...SANCHEZ

Then peel away. As you can see, my back was going to be rocking Mark Sanchez' name. Little side note - he just got drafted this year to my team after playing at my alma mater USC for the past couple of years. He's got a beast of an arm and he's also quite delicious. Ch-ch-check him out!

Marky Mark Sanchez - aka "Dreamboat"

I had to root on the Jets as they played the Cincinnati Bengals for a wild card spot today, so I went along with LG and MC (my fab Bengals fan friends) to watch, cheer, get pissed off, eat sweet potato fries, scream at bad calls, drink beers from a bucket and watch people make out (yep - 3rd quarter, I believe, after they ate their nachos) at this muy importante game.

My shirt came out just as I wanted...

Day 43 - After (from the front)


Day 43 - After (from the back)

...and awesome

The game proved to be victorious for my team!! We won 24-14 and get to head to the next round of playoffs!

Day 43 - Post-Jets win & my Bengals cohort LG

It looks like my T was a good luck charm...will have to wear it again next week when the Jets play either Indianapolis or San Diego. I'll be rooting for Sanchez again. I think you all may too :)

MS - Touchdown to my heart!!

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets Jets!!