Day 42. 323 days and $318 left to go.

Now, when I found this piece in a pile of dirty goods, it didn't scream winner right away. The embroidery was insane - the front and the sleeves were killer and the collar was absolutely a-MAZE-ing, yet it was dirty and biggish. Being the color wasn't going to work, it seemed pretty unrepairable until the idea of dying came into my head. This is what it looked like when it was found.... Day 42 - Before

Now you may not be privvy to all the parts that are kinda gross - I took another pic to accentuate the not-so-hotness... It's faded and yellowed, right there on the shoulder ruching. Yikes. And, it's severely see through.

Day 41 - Close up!!

But, change was a-comin'. With a little assistance from RIT's cardinal dye, this puppy was on its way to feeling the hotness.

Day 42 - After

Red dye + a weathered top = something new that rocked my world. Yes, this top, post-dye, became something I was immediately obsessed with. The red dye covered all the yellowish parts and people though that I bought the top as it was. At the cocktail part of the evening, Adam (in pic above) modeled along with me and then I got my new floral-loving friend to be the model along with me in pose two. (see below - plus, on the shiny "Grand Opening" sign, "Opening" was spelled "Openning" which made me chuckle)

Day 42 - After (with roses)

Pose three came after our last cocktailing stop, but nobody would join in my pic. It was late, I get it.

Day 42 - La Fin

Happy Saturday friends - the weekend is here, time to embrace!! xx