Day 41. 324 days and $319 left to go.

Today's shirt was one of those finds that made me happy because it wasn't going to require too much work. Nope, not slacking, just taking a mini-end-of-the-week break. That's totally allowed - it's the first week back after a long holiday break, so cut me a little bit of pun intended with the cut mention. Aside from the bold red color, I loved the fluttery sleeves when I first came across this puppy. There was a softness to the blouse, which made it very dainty, yet the cherry red color gave it a bit of edge. Would have been a completely different story if I found it in a pastel, that's for sure. (It probably wouldn't have made it past my first round of edits after sifting through piles of clothes at Jet Rag, to be completely honest.) But, I did need to adjust and give it a little more shape.

Day 41 - Before

I knew that I wanted to keep the sleeves pretty much as they were, but I did need to take the rest of it in a bit, as it was big and fluttery in all the wrong places. Big sleeves, good. Big over the stomach area, not good. I grabbed the sewing machine, installed some red thread, and stitched it up.

Day 41 - After

Even though my team didn't make it to the National Championship game this year, I guess I ended up wearing the right color for the team who did win the crystal football trophy. Crimson tide? Looks like it tonight.