Day 40. 325 days and $320 left to go.

I'm completely missing Mad Men (and Jon Hamm, I'll be honest), so today is my homage to my favorite 60s show. I needed a little Betty Draper recreation to make me smile while MM is on hiatus. I heart Betty Draper (my glass of wine was gone by the time my after pic was taken, PS)

So here is what we started with...

Day 40 - Before

This skirt was delicious!! Turquoise with a fab white button (hello 60s) my Betty Draper ensemble was on its way! The one ish was that it was covered in these felt circle chicken pox with white beaded embroidery. The six you see on the front were the only six that were on the skirt. It would have been way better if the circles were symmetrically placed all over the piece, however the back of the skirt was completely bare. Not OK. Action to remove these large dots had to happen, so I grabbed my seam ripper and got to unstitching.

Day 40 - After

I lit up my Lucky Strike cigs (really my favorite Infusion Organique candle) and in minutes the dots were removed. Voila, me as a 60s housewife taking the newly prepared liver and onions (really a pizza) out of the oven. And yes, another picture was taken in front of LB's shower curtain, mostly because I matched, as I faux cleaned her toilet.

Marisa Draper & her housework

PS, keep your eyes peeled for those felt beaded circles of love to make an appearance very soon...