Day 37. 328 days and $324 left to go.

Happy Sunday!! There was a birthday lunch on the agenda for today which meant I couldn't spend the last day of the holiday break in sweats. As tempting as it was, I had to come up with something a bit more apropos for frittatas, champagne and a cake with a chocolate chip custard filling that was sent down from heaven (or, the valley, to be specific). This is what I chose. Day 37 - Before

Now you may say, "Marisa, why would you be wearing a dress with such a springy print and with sleeves as short as those. You do know it's January, don't you?" This is a completely understandable comment and you're completely right. However as I reside in Los Angeles and the weather tends to be a little warmer than anywhere else in the country, I felt the need to dress like it was May - I mean, it was 78 degrees when I left my house, so yes, I wore my floral dress and, wait for it, my nude open toed heels. Gasp.

Day 37 - After

It was a tad too long and hit my legs straight on in the calf area - this is not a flattering length on me and I wasn't looking to give myself a set of cankles so I took out my scissors and went to town. The sleeves needed to be taken in as well as the bodice, so I stitched both areas to tighten them up.

The completed outfit was exactly the right ensemble to celebrate my dear EH's birthday as well as give me a slight bit of spring fever.