Day 38. 327 days and $322 left to go.

As it was sayonara to vacation mode and back into the work one, I thought a jacket would be the perfect (and easy) way to ease back into the grind. This puppy was snagged from a Goodwill in Philly (I have friends on the hunt for me across the country to find pieces to tweak! Thanks goes out to LP for this $2 find) and not only was it going to help me get back into the 9-5 groove, it was also going to assist in me channeling my inner 80s (hello every John Hughes movie)...after just a little bit of work. Day 38 - Before

I loved the patchworky print of this top - the black, white, polka-dotted, floral pattern was fabulous. The size was less than fab though, so some sewing needed to be handled. I turned on my 80s iTunes mix, rocked out to some Psychedelic Furs singing along to "The Ghost in You", and pretended I was Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink.

Andie Walsh - my childhood idol

After tightening up pretty much all the available seams (sleeves and sides were taken in), rolling up the sleeves, and pairing with some patent loafers, jeans and a wife beater, my impromptu jacket-y/blazer was ready to wear.

Day 38 - After

All I needed was some Wayfarers, Ducky, a can of Tab to sip on, and Blaine to be asked, "what about prom?" Don't worry friends - we'll craft something for prom in due time.