Day 36. 329 days and $325 left to go.

Let's just say that the last Saturday before heading back to the work grind after a long holiday break involved couching, footballing and napping for me. It's my after New Year's jet lag without the jet and it's totally allowed. Because it was a vegtastic day today, I went with this comfy piece that only needed a few simple adjustments to fit. Day 36 - Before

Now you can't really see it here, but this is a men's Lacoste polo straight outta '82. (It must have been made for a rather petite man with a slight tum, as lengthwise, it me fit perfectly, but was larger around my torso.) It was a buck and I had to have it, regardless of the state it was in as I heart their gator logo...

Day 36 - Alligatoriffic!

Like I said, the length was perf, but the width needed to come in a bit. I sewed each side, took in both sleeves and kept the buttons opened in front to make it a little more feminine. The caramel color was fine - I thought about dying it something bolder but didn't want the little gators to change at all, so I kept it as it was.

Day 36 - After

It came up that I chose this shirt to celebrate Tim Tebow and his Florida Gators Sugar Bowl win yesterday...defintely not the case. however it was a nice win for Teebs and his teammates. As you'll see, much sooner than later, that the teams that I really love get better shout outs than polo shirts with a little logo sewn on. Can anyone say iron ons???