Day 35. 330 days and $326 left to go.

Starting the new year off with gloriously warm temps and clear skies was the best way to say holla to 2010! (Apologies to those who are not experiencing 69 degree weather right now - I feel your pain.) I believe that this piece was a child's dress back in the day, as it was super Cindy Brady, however I needed to break up the bold pattern a bit. I mean, it is my ode to the Rose Bowl festivities today, but I don't want to look like I belong in a flower pot. Feel me?? Day 35 - Before

As it was made for a child, it wasn't quite fitting the chest area, so that was the number one adjustment I had to make. I undid the seam and took off the second button to create a deeper V to fit my boobs. The edge was rehemmed and the newly transformed top was ready to go on top of my skinny jeans.

Day 35 - After

Taking advantage of said unclouded skies meant that an early afternoon trip to Griffith Observatory was necessary. A day where you could see all the way to the Pacific Ocean as well as downtown LA without smog while recreating the last 10 minutes of Rebel Without A Cause was exactly what was called for.