Day 34. 331 days and $327 left to go.

I'm going to be completely honest - today's outfit was one that came together rather last minute... Being it was New Year's Eve and I was going to be on the party hopping circuit, I had just planned to just do some boots and jeans with a little made-over jacket. My thoughts were to keep it low-key and comfy until I got a text from my party hopping cohort LP saying, "I'm wearing a black dress." Quick action needed to be taken (text came in about 20 minutes before I had to be ready) so I grabbed this puppy, turned the sewing machine on and got crackin'. Day 34 - Before

This dress that I just picked up a weekend ago immediately came to mind - the ruffled front was tuxedo-esque so I decided it would be the NYE outfit to ring in 2010 with. Working as quickly as possible, there were 3 things involved in this transformation. I brought the sleeves in a bit, tightened up the top (didn't really want to be exposing myself all night in the deep V-ness of the dress) and cut it short in a 10 minute time span. Because I didn't have a whole lotta time to work with, I left the edges raw and without hems and used a vintage brooch at the waist to make it just a bit tighter as I didn't get it completely right the first time.

Day 34 - After

I feel like I pulled this one out of the hat, but was so happy with the outcome. Getting a little more snazzed up than I had originally planned was the best decision I could have made because dresses always make me feel good. Counting down to midnight while overlooking the city, the blue moon, and bits of fireworks in the distance was the perfect way to close one decade and bring in another.

Officially 2010!! Time Clock Reads 12:02:42

Little side note...I distinctly remember hearing the Black Eyed Peas getting spun by the DJ as well - honestly I thought (wished or hoped rather) that they may get locked in the 2009 vault, but unfortunately I was wrong. Fergie and her boom, boom pow have made it to 2010.

Wishing you the happiest and healthiest this brand new year!!