Day 33. 332 days and $328 left to go.

I had an extremely important dinner on my agenda for this evening that clearly was going to require an excellent ensemble. Nothing less for a night out with the BFF, right? Day 33 - Before

This dress was an all in all mess when I came across it in a pile of vintage toss aways. The color was eh, the length was eh, the collar was eh, but the best part was the shimmery thread that made vertical lines throughout the piece. Shockingly, that was the best (and only) part of the dress that I liked. Clearly it was time to get crackin!

I decided to cut it shorter and make it more of a tunic. That solved the length issue, but there was still work to be done. I couldn't really change the color, however I could change the way it fit and that I did! Because I was keeping the color intact, I grabbed my fave vintage 60s chestnut belt along with my brown Oxford's to make the brownish color scheme work. Chcck it out...

Day 33 - After

After some delish food - burrata, a full-bodied Cab, some ridiculous mushroom gnocchi and some bread pudding, on top of a convo that was one for the history books, me and my LB grabbed s'more cocktails with some friends down the street. Said friend included this pal...

Day 33 - After with my new mannequin BFF

...who wasn't much of a talker. He left that to me and LB - we talked so much at our belated bday dinner that we were the last people standing, or sitting rather, in the restaurant. I received the BGE (best gift ever) - a DVD full of Swans Crossing episodes, which for most wouldn't ring any sort of bell, but to us (and the other 14 people across the country who were obsessed) was literally like pennies falling from heaven. It's the simple things that make this girl smile. Thanks LB - I'm gonna be smiling for a long time!!! xoxo