Day 32. 333 days and $329 left to go.

Now when I found this puppy, it looked like it could have been an figure skating ensemble in a past life. Clearly way longer than any Olympic regulated costume I've ever seen and it was without a speck of flare - I mean, what's a costume without feathers, sequins, brightly colored lighting bolts and flames? I envisioned Dorothy Hamill, a pair of skates, and a bowl hair cut and wanted to get as far away from that picture as possible. Day 32 - Before

What sold me on this piece wasn't the unflattering center seam that ran all the way down the front of the dress from the top to the bottom, it was the amazing buttons and ruching on the back of the neck. That in itself was worth the $1 - I knew that I could always turn that into some fun accessory if the rest of the piece didn't work, but nah...I had faith in myself that something dope would prevail.

Day 32 - Neck & Button Detail

I pondered a bit over which direction to take this, and in the end I decided to chop it all off! Because the center seam was so unflattering, any sort of dress (mini or knee-length) would have still looked just as heinous. I scratched the dress idea and went solely with the turtleneck. I loved the final product and added one of my fave ebay vintage gold tassel necklaces to accompany. I guess you could say that was my couples partner this evening.

Day 32 - After

I couldn't wait to take the newly completely piece out for a double axel or triple lutz (ie. Blue Moon's during the happiest of hours with SZ). The fans in the stands (ie. the men sitting at the bar watching Wisconsin beat the Hurricanes) gave me 10s (ie. "I like the way that looks") so I left very happy with my gold medal status (ie. smiles and nods). The Olympics are right around the corner and clearly I'm getting excited.