Day 31. 334 days and $330 left to go.

Today's pick was completely 60s inspired. After watching Nine and falling in love with Italy again, the only way to recreate my happy feeling was a retro top and some moscato. Day 31 - Before

Here was the delightful little mod-ish top I came across in one of my garage sale-hopping days. The pink and chartreuse flowery/paisley pattern needed to happen, so yes, I purchased it. One slight issue...there was a big hole on the left sleeve. Check it out...

Day 31 - Before (Holy Extreme Close-Up)

To me this hole was completely beatable with four easy steps. One, cut a hole in the box. No, wait, wrong step. Here we go...One, turn the top inside out. Two, pin the frayed edges together. Three, stitch a quick makeshift seam to mend the hole. Four, turn inside out. Perfezione, ready-to-wear. The mended sleeve looked like a crease in the fabric post-completion, so I was quite eccitato! (Scuse for the broken Italian...)

Day 31 - After

At the end of the day, this was less Kate Hudson/Nine and more Goldie Hawn/Desert Flower but whatever...I was still rockin' the 60s vibe, workin' the poof, donnin' the shades, feelin' the love, all while hummin' "Cinema Italiano." Prego, prego.