Day 30. 335 days and $331 left to go.

Today I wanted to wear a color that was warm and smiley, so I chose this salmon colored puppy. It was slightly overcast and a little chillier out there, so I thought that this sweater would work perfectly to drink my am coffee, watch some bball and footy games as well as try to feel like I was in actual COLD temps instead of just "chilly" ones. Day 30 - Before

Now with just a simple look, this sweater is slightly blech - color is fun but the rest of it is totally passable. I did like the ruffled cuffs and collar, however it still wasn't fun or glam or exciting to me...until I thought of a simple addition. OK, now you may recall my Day 3 ensemble (quick refresher here) as I had a bevy of these fab floral appliques that I used to make a headband. I only used two of them and still had a ton leftover. That ringing bell from the Saved By the Bell theme song went off in my head (as it sometime guilty pleasure) and I thought snag the buckaroo sweater and add those shiny flowers to the front.

Day 30 - After

Adding that small detail made all the difference - two more floral appliques down, 18 to go. Like I said last time, this won’t be the last time these floral puppies make an appearance.