Day 29. 336 days and $332 left to go.

Post holiday haps time! Opting to get away from the Christmas green and reds, I decided to go for a blue and black combo today. Day 29 - Before

I found this killer dress - and by killer I mean one which I loved the pattern, collar, and tie, but the rest was mildly vomitous - and knew it had the potential of being something that I'd rock the bejeezus out of.

I thought that this dress could be best served acting as a top, so I cut the skirt part off, brought in the area beneath the arms and the torso area to make it snug and fit. The collar and tie were wrinkled and it took a whole lotta iron to make it smooth. But, after all the tweaks, adding some jeans, and my comfy black flat boots...we were in business!

Day 29 - After

After some post holiday activities, we decided (my photo director JW and myself) that the nativity scenes on the ocean in Santa Monica, which happened to be protected by wire fencing, would be the perf after-shot location. I opted to recreate one of the scenes that bordered the beach and it looks like my halo (or somebody's) made it through.

Day 29 - After, After