Day 17. 348 days and $347 left to go.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Today's project was a gorge scarf I found in a bin for a dollar which ultimately became part of my football Sunday ensemble. The scarf was fraying when I found it, however the pattern was too amazing to pass up. It was also a little short as well, but I had a master plan. Day 16 - Before

I thought that a slightly genius way to tweak this puppy was to sew the edges, lengthwise, and leave the outer ends open. So basically, I folded the scarf in half, stitched both sides of the scarfy fabric together and turned it inside out to make a 'skinnier' scarf. Not only did it stop the fabric from fraying any more, it actually gave me a piece to wear two ways. Wanna see??

WAY #1. Wearing it around the neck.

Day 16 - After (Neck gear!)

Self explanatory. Cold nights, check. Crew neck T, check. Scarf around the neck. Check.

WAY #2. Wearing it as a hand muff.

Day 16 - After (Hand gear!)

Kind of perfect with keeping the ends open - throw your hands inside to warm them up. Insta-muff!! And, ps, I secretly kept it on during my car ride home after watching the Eagles toss Eli Manning and the Giants to the curb. Wore my shirt to represent NY, but all my friends from Philly threw it in my face. One of them even said it was payback from the Yankees win. Touché, LP, touché.