Day 16. 349 days and $348 left to go.

The holiday party haps are in full effect! I know you're all enjoying the open bars, the gluttonous snackage, and the hanging mistletoe just as much as I am right now. Tonight was just one in a handful of parties on the circuit, however this was the only "ugly sweater" one on the agenda. Day 16 - Before

Now I'll be honest. I didn't scour the city in search of something oh so heinous and came up with this one. I actually bought it a while back thinking, "this sweater is kinda cool, I can't wait to wear it." The more I looked at it, the more I questioned my purchasing decision. It was a Sunday afternoon too and I was definitely NOT liquored up. I'm still surprised. However, when this event came up, I thought immediately of wearing this puppy.

I chose to help my dear friends Julie & Rich out by A, helping to put the star on their tree:

Day 16 - After (Tree Trimming)

And B, helping to light their my sweater that made me feel über German. Ya.

Day 16 - Menorah Lighting

Tonight was the perfect event to really let my year long project thrive. On top of the sweater I found for a dollar, I added some faux poinsettia in my hair as an added bonus. Why I had a plethora of silk flowers in my possession is beyond me, but it came in handy and added to the festivities. (Really I can't remember why these faux-ers were purchased but I just came across them in my storage closet and I'm going to make them work)

Jules Rules! (...and up close flower head gear)

It's as if my friend Julie planned the party specifically for me. She totally rules, just like the picture says.