Day 18. 347 days and $346 left to go.

I'm slightly obsessed with navy - not a big fan of blue (specifically the way it looks on me and my über fair skin) but navy is a completely different story. So, as you can imagine, this dress cried for me Argentina. Day 18 - Before

I loved the pleats on the top and the texture that it created with the flowy skirt, however the sizing and length needed to be fixed. Just a little shortening and tightening was all that was needed to make it work, as it's the perfect winter (in Southern California) dress.

Out came the scissors and sewing machine to make this into my new favorite dress that I'm only going to get to wear once this year. With that being said, I had to celebrate, as this dress needed its moment - I decided to head down to San Diego. Now this had nothing to do with the fact that I have to be working out of the Sé Hotel tomorrow in downtown SD, I just thought party=San Diego.

Day 18 - After (Downtown SD that you can't see in the background)

I threw on a gold belt from the 80s (thank you Mom!) with one of my fave Ebay gold vintage necklaces and the newly crafted dress was ready to rock and roll. It went to Maloney's on 6th Street, enjoyed a Newcastle or many, and sang along to 69Boyz "Tootsee Roll" while Van Wilder and SportsCenter played in the background.

Then this came next...

Day 18 - After (...Party)

Bed jumping (because honestly, it's just as much fun when you're 30), Makers Mark, and my dress totally brought down the house. Because that's what you do when you're in San Diego with a kickass ensemble...