Day 15. 350 days and $349 left to go.

Now I'm not one to ever wear leggings, like as an outfit, outside of going hiking or to the gym...until today. Knowing that I had to be driving around the city all day in the rain, leggings actually sounded pretty f-ing fabulous. But, I needed the perfect accompaniment to wear in public with my not so favorite legwear. Day 15 - Before

Then I came across this sweater that I found at a garage sale a couple of blocks away from me. My original intention was to cut it up, make it less loose, and dye it something fabulous, but the largeness of it sort of stuck with me. I liked that it was virtually see through because of the large knit pattern - I didn't like the amount it was shedding, but that was something to quickly get over as the $2 price tag made the little bits of cotton I found all over the place totally worth it.

Day 15 - After

I threw on a black tank, my black leggings and my black flat boots along with the holy sweater and my outfit was complete. This sweater musta been the hotness back in the early 90s when loose, unfitting and slightly unflattering sweaters and sweatshirts reigned. (I'm talking to all y'all who had Starter jackets too...) Big works, just as long as you're not swimming in the entire thing.