Day 14. 351 days and $351 left to go.

Today I went with a piece that caught my eye in a big pile of vintage goods - I mean, pattern wise it was totally fun even if it ran along the lines of looking like curtains, a couch, a slipcover or wallpaper perhaps. But I thought to myself, "Self, let's take this zipped housecoaty/smocky/aprony get up to town!" And town, ie. the holiday work soiree, it went. Day 14 - Before

I decided to hike it up a bit and trimmed it below the pockets - yes, you can't see them because they're in front and of course the made from the same material. I also wanted to make it a little more fitted on top, so I took it in a bit... It felt like a sassy 60s maid uniform, however I wanted more sass and less maid. You feel me?

Day 14 - After

So after some necessary tweakage, and the assistance of a belt to break up the pattern, I came out with a fun party dress. I felt the need to stand next to the exit sign in the parking structure as well when taking this pic. Clearly after some holiday cheer, ie. cocktailng, this was the only acceptable spot to shoot. Two weeks down, 50 more to go!!!