Day 13. 352 days and $352 left to go.

Today was a fun and slightly easy outfit to create day on all fronts that actually made me feel like hitting the slopes with a flask of mulled cider. You'll see why in a hot second. Day 13 - Before

I came across this fab, furry, and festive vest while at a swap party at the What Comes Around Goes Around boutique in Hollywood. I brought some of my vintage pieces that I was ready to bid adieu and swapped them out for some new, used pieces. (they will make their individual debuts soon...) I loved that it was hand knit and not to mention super warm and super cozy. However, when I first saw it, I was kind of unsure because it mildly reminded me of Rainbow Brite - as you can see there is a large rainbow on front and as you could probably imagine, there is one on the back as well. Shocker? Not so much.

Day 12 - After

So with authority, I snagged the vest and decided to introduce it to my wardrobe. Plus since I brought other things to trade, this ended up costing me nada! Ooh, and I got a lovely compliment today which always makes a lass grin. Unfortunately it was from a 7-year-old girl. She likes rainbows she told me. And ponies. Shocker? Again, not so much.