Day 12. 353 days and $352 left to go.

So, today I broke the bank!! I opted to bring in 2 brand new pieces that I found for a dollar a pop and wear them together. A whopping $2 day, which hasn't happened yet, but I'm sure will along the way... I felt that each piece could have worked solo, but together packed a bigger, more hipster punch. See, it involved plaid. Enough said. Day 12 - Before

I found this fab vintage plaid shirt that I was obsessed with upon grabbing. It was in pretty stellar condition except for a missing button which was easily tweaked with the help of my friend the safety pin. The little schoolgirl cardi from Oh!rbach's (um, totally a store that I wish I could have had the chance to experience in person) had a tiny lil' hole which I disregarded. It clearly was made for a 4th grade girl, but somehow I managed to fit myself into it.

Day 12 - After

Pairing the cardigan over the plaid get up was the perfect ensemble for this brisk Los Angeles day. I felt rather hipster-y and the only way it could have been better was if I were wearing my thick rimmed Buddy Holly glasses and was sitting by a Christmas tree in Williamsburg instead of well, the valley. That will just have to come on the next day when I try to look exactly like Michelle Williams. Stay tuned.