Day 11. 354 days and $354 left to go.

In the downpour that was today in Los Angeles (bring the rain!!), I needed to go with something that I could pair with tights, boots and my raincoat that only gets to see the light like 4 times a year. So, I thought of this... Day 11 - Before

I know, I know. It's slightly school marmy. I feel like this look, as is, needs to be accompanied by a bonnet and a book of sonnets. Little Miss Muffet, much? However the potential was not that far away.

I didn't need to do any reworking on the top of the dress, as that fit perfectly. The length was the problem area... Fear not friends, I grabbed my Singer scissors and trimmed away. I chopped off and re-hemmed the bottom of the skirt and made it look like nothing had even been altered. Woo hoo! Love when that happens!

Day 11 - After

Out the door I went...umbrella, a dusted off raincoat, and a fabulous new dress - a trifecta of awesome!!!