30 Days Til I Do!

I must say how giddy I've been getting playing around with all these wedding dresses!! With 30 days until my wedding, I can't even tell you how excited I am!

30 Days - Vintage Dress 1

PS, I'm totally channeling Steve Carell from The 40 Year Old Virgin one-sheet in my pose above...

40 Year Old Virgin

Back to the dress...there was a lot of pouffy fabric that made a lovely little train...

30 Days - Vintage Dress 5

...but trying to figure out the best way to work with this dress, I had a feeling I was going to remove it.

30 Days - Vintage Dress 4

If only it was appropriate to wear trains on the regular, because I'm totally digging this look!  

30 Days - Vintage Dress 2

There's lots to play with and I can't wait to get started!

30 Days - Vintage Dress 3

First off, we're gonna hit the bottle. Hit the bottle of dye, that is!

NDAD - Day 30 - Vintage Dress Dye

SO...dress is dyed!! And the train has been removed!! (The train used to be attached to the seam on the left side - right where there's a slight discoloration between the different fabrics. This is always so fascinating though the way different dyes take to fabric!) 

NDAD - Day 30 - Vintage Dress Dyed

Moving along...now that the dress is dyed it's time to trim and re-hem. I love the idea of wearing this more as a tunic styled piece over jeans, so the length is saying sayonara!

(PS, this is the length (pun intended!!) I go to really test out how long a piece should be 🙄 Thanks to the fiancé for the "from where I stand" shot to help gauge!!)

NDAD - Day 30 - Vintage Dress

I took my scissors and trimmed away!

NDAD - Day 30 - Trim!!

Once the length was secured, it was time to stitch it all in place.

NDAD - Day 30 - Sewing Vintage Dress

And after all those adjustments, the wedding dress was ready to be worn again!

NDAD - Day 30 - Vintage Dress After Look

Yup, it's TOTALLY cool to do a double take. I think I did a 40 take!

NDAD - Day 30 - Vintage Dress From Behind

It makes me SO happy to find life in these pieces that have been donated and given away. Someone chose these dresses to wear on their special day and now I get to have my own special day in them too! They just won't totally look the same.

I had dinner in it.

NDAD - Day 30 - Dinner in Vintage Dress

I went to the movies in it. (And when you get to the theater REALLY early, you also jump down right in front of the screen because there's nobody else there!)

NDAD - Day 30 - Vintage Dress at the movies

I matched a tie to it in Zara.

NDAD - Day 30 - Vintage Dress at Zara

The 2.0 version of this dress was having a GRAND day, let me tell you. 

NDAD - Day 30 - Before & After Vintage Dress

The countdown continues tomorrow!! For extra sneak peeks of dresses and outtakes hop over to Instagram!


Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!