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Wedding Dress Recycle: Whole Lotta Ruffles

I recreated so many vintage wedding dresses to wear around my wedding and honeymoon and this one was one of my favorites!

Ruffled Wedding Dress - Before

Look at all these ruffles!!!

Ruffled Wedding Dress - Before 2

It feels oh, so, Marie Antoinette.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette

Look at those sleeves!

And that lace collar?! 

Ruffled Wedding Dress - Before 3

I have a fairly certain idea what's going to happen to those sleeves.


But first, DYE!


The dress went into a bath of emerald dye and came out a lovely lightish aqua color. This dress was fully polyester and I didn't use a poly-friendly dye just to get a more subtle shade. 


I grabbed my seam ripper and got to town around those sleeves... The used to be attached...

Ruffled Wedding Dress - Dyed

I was OBSESSED with how the tiered ruffles turned out and just couldn't touch the skirt portion of the dress. I mean, hello new lewk!


I'm obsessed with the way fuschia/hot pink goes with this aqua color, so I took some remnant tulle (YES, THAT'S TULLE AROUND MY WAIST!) and got myself a gorg rose to pose in front of this super chic door.

Ruffled Wedding Dress - After 2

Greens on yellows on pinks, oh my!

Ruffled Wedding Dress - After

When in such serious ruffles like these, you must find a hammock and swing!

This is most definitely on my favorites list. I couldn't have been more excited with how this turned out!


19 Days Til I Do!

Day 19 has arrived and oh do I love this dress! I especially love the sticky price tag attached to where my finger is pointing! 

NDAD - Day 19 - Vintage Wedding Dress

Look at those lace sleeves!!

NDAD - Day 19 - Vintage Wedding Dress 2

Look at the neck, waist and hem trim!!

NDAD - Day 19 - Vintage Wedding Dress 4

And that train!!

NDAD - Day 19 - Vintage Wedding Dress 5

The train was the first thing to go, but that was an easy removal of hook and eye closures. I think this will come in handy down the road!

I also went with Cherry Red dye for this dress - depending on the color took, the dress could turn out firey red, or a mix of pinkish. It turned out to be the latter and I was in love! Oh and before I dyed it, I removed the trim at the waist as well as the neck to keep those areas clean.

I wanted to go a bit shorter so I trimmed the dress to make it more of a cocktail length and pinned the raw edging to create a new hem. THEN, because of all the great feedback from Day 27 saying the shoulders felt a bit too puffy, I took out the extra pouf (the lovely fanned tulle as you can see below...) to minimize.

NDAD - Day 19 - Vintage Wedding Dress DIY

The pouf removal was the best decision I made! Next it was time to tweak the back of the dress. The button closure felt a bit dated, so I wanted to clean it up - I folded each side under to create a clean open back. The dress was fitted enough where this closure wasn't actually helping it stay closed. 

NDAD - Day 19 - Vintage Wedding Dress DIY 2

The last step was shortening the sleeves and then sewing everything into place!

NDAD - Day 19 - Vintage Wedding Dress DIY 3

From long and lacy to shorter and sleek!

NDAD - Day 19 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

This dress can go two ways - you can style it to be something you can wear to a cocktail party or a wedding with the right shoes and accessories OR you can dress it down a bit with brown heels, a denim jacket and a vintage red mesh purse for a fun dinner out with friends to celebrate your upcoming wedding! I went with option two! 😃

NDAD - Day 19 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress 4

I loved the fit and the color turned out spot on. I'm obsessed with the shorter sleeves too! 

NDAD - Day 19 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress 2

I can't wait to test this out with black kitten heels and a pashmina next time!


This is a total winner!

NDAD - Day 19 - Before / After

19 days til I do!

20 Days Til I Do!

Today's wedding dress was a lacy treat!

NDAD - Day 20 - Vintage Wedding Dress

There was lace everywhere!

NDAD - Day 20 - Vintage Wedding Dress

Only issue...

NDAD - Day 20 - Vintage Wedding Dress 3

It was way too tight! That zipper wouldn't zip! 

NDAD - Day 20 - Vintage Wedding Dress 4

That's my "but look how pretty this lace is" pose! There's a way to make it work - just wait for it.

I started off by adding this to a dye bath of Teal Rit Dye and it turned out this gorgeous shade of green! Now it was time to figure out how to make this fit.

I grabbed my scissors and started trimming! ✂️✂️✂️

I removed the zipper from the back of the dress where those gorg buttons were and then created a new hem at the bottom.

NDAD - Day 20 - Dress DIY

All pinned and ready to stitch in place.

NDAD - Day 20 -  Sewing Machine

Not too shabby for a dress that didn't fit just a little while ago!

NDAD - Day 20 -  Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

I turned the piece around so the old back that was too small to zip was now the open front of the jacket. Because the bust wasn't very busty 😂 it didn't look too puckered wearing it turned around.

NDAD - Day 20 -  Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

I added a simple black shift dress underneath with a long tassled necklace, black heels and a small vintage black clutch to make this an evening ensemble. Pair it with jeans and a t to give a little chic to a dressed down look.

NDAD - Day 20 -  Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress 5

Again, what a change a little color makes!!

NDAD - Day 20 -  Before/After

20 days til I do!