Remake: Ruffled Floral Dress

If you were missing this goofball below, she's back in FULL FORCE.

Well I do, declare! 

Well I do, declare! 

But let's talk about this dress, though... I'm LOVING the print hard. I'm loving *most* of the ruffles. (it's a bit overload, yes?) And, I'm loving the thin cotton fabric. It really couldn't be flowier!

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 1

I mean, there was a full on DANCE party during this shoot. #notjoking

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 3

At first thought, I said "this is going to be a perfect halter dress!" Then when I started to play around with the fabric a bit more I felt the dress would work better going in a different direction.

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 4

I took off the sleeves first - during my dance party a few photos back, I realized if I didn't take off the sleeves, they'd rip when that dance party would pick back up again. (Because you know that's totally happening...)

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 5

Being left with the below, this is where my mind changed from halter dress. It just didn't look the way I would have liked, so I went another route!

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 6

I cut off the entire ruffled panel at the top of the dress.

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 7

Fear not, that panel is coming back! I folded over the top of the piece an inch and stitched a new seam in place. 

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 8

I'm turning this into a strapless dress, so the new seam is getting an elastic upgrade!

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 9

Once the elastic was added to the top of the piece, portions of the ruffled panel that was taken off, was added back on top to the front of the dress. There were three layers of ruffles, so I cut back a bit and went with just one.

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 10

Eeeeee! What a fun piece!

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress 11

I had a bridal shower to attend, so I thought this was just the thing to wear!

Vintage Floral Ruffle Dress - 17

I had a bridal shower to attend, so I thought this was just the thing to wear!

Vintage Floral Ruffle Dress - 18

Because there's a LOT of fabric going on, I put on one of my fave belts (my dad's from high school that I conveniently "borrowed" 10 years ago...) to break it up a bit and to give the dress a little more shape.

Goofin' around with K!

Goofin' around with K!

Such a flowy piece - I'm obsessed with the rainbow colorings of all the flowers!

Vintage Floral Ruffle Dress - 19

MAJOR upgrade, major!

Vintage Ruffle Floral Dress Before & After

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