Remake: Ice Dyed Top

I love to dye. We all know this! But, today's piece is getting dyed in a way that I've never tried before! (Cue the super excited feels rn.)


I had an ivory silk top that was going to be perfect for today's DIY.

white vintage silk top

I love the fluttery neck, but this color isn't the best with my skintone.

white vintage silk top 2

I couldn't wait to give this top a makeover!

white vintage silk top 3

I said this top was getting dyed in a brand new way I've never tried before...I'm ICE DYEING, using powder dye!

RIT powder dye

I picked my colors and then set up my dye station. Because I've never done this before, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to stain everything. (**not an overstatement - I'm totally clumsy!)

dye station

I lined an old pan with a garbage bag to catch all the water and added a pantry shelf I snagged at the Container Store (Amazon has a bunch of options too!) to keep the top out of the pool of water that'll form after it melts. ❄️

ice dye station

I love the DIY setup! I took the top and wet it completely - this is just typical fare for dyeing. Always saturate your piece with water to make the dye work evenly!

Next came the ice!

ice dye station 2

I drizzled the powder dye all over the ice next and just waited for the cubes to melt!

ice dye station

Eeeeeeee! It's so close!

ice dye station 4

 (It actually took longer to melt than I had planned, which might have worked out for the best in regard to color saturation.)

DIY Ice Dye Top

How cool did this turn out?? 

DIY Ice Dye Top 2

I'm obsessed with ice dyeing and can't wait to test it out again!

DIY Ice Dye Top 4

The outfit was perfect for low-key dinner when paired with my favorite grey sweater coat and my thrifted Halston boots! I also paired it with this ivory vintage clutch that's currently in the NDAD shop!

DIY Ice Dye Top 5

The ivory helped make the fall colors pop!

DIY Ice Dye Top 6

For my first go at ice dyeing, it was a total success! I love the pattern ❤️.

Before / After Vintage TOP

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!