Remake: Black & Pink Floral Dress

Hi friends! It's MARCH and the site is almost ready to be revealed!! Eeeeee!!! Thank you SO much for all your patience. Seriously. You guys are the best and I'm lucky to have so many of you cheering me on. To celebrate, we're going to kick it off BIG, so stay tuned!!

This post will be the LAST one you'll see with the site looking like it does and then it's on to somethin' new. Change is good, right?

Today's piece, a dress with a pattern to fall in love with! You had me at BIG. PINK. FLOWERS. (Seriously, j'adore.) But, there was a little extra hanging out there. Yep, looks like that lining was trying to get away!

And, on top of the "lining pretending to be trim" there was another maj issue. HOLES.

Not just one or two.

But more than I could count. They were everywhere on the bottom of the dress!

So there's some work to be done!!

Other work that needs to be done is the cleansing/purging of tons of old clothes that I've been holding onto for WAY too long. I moved into my new place close to a year ago and there are still boxes of stuff where I work on my dresses! It was time to make a move. Instead of a trip to Goodwill this go, I'm sending my gear to Schoola, an online thrift shop that donates 40% of proceeds to school arts, science, music, and phys ed programs. That is just the coolest.

I love that they send postage-paid bags and you can pick the school you'd like for the proceeds to go to (perfect if you've got kids/family currently in schools!)

I even scored a dress and a blazer that you'll see repurposed into a new piece shortly!

With a batch of clothes out the door, now my space is ready for more dresses! Now back to mending those holes!

I thought the holes were bad until I saw the not-so-pretty tarnished lining.

Once I saw how filthy it was I was ready to take the leap. I was taking all the lining out.

I started with the bottom portion...

...and then cut it out of the top of the dress as well. Lining, we don't need no stinkin' lining! (Especially on this already thick knit dress that isn't sheer at all.)

Next comes those holes. The easiest way to get rid of 'em??


I cut off the bottom portion of the dress that contained all the holes and then made my way to the sleeves because I wasn't feeling the length.

With so much trimming, it was time to pin and prep for sewing.

I threaded my machine and got stitching!

After all that work, this is what my new dress looks like!

I love it - it's mod and feels super 60s which is my fave.

I paired my dress with over the knee Calvin Klein boots to finish the look.

I love the pop of grey in the boots bringing out the grey in the center of the dress!

I don't know, this print just makes me happy.

Throw pink flowers on anything and I'm going to smile!

From tattered and tainted to terrific!

This dress has become something that will be in my rotation for a long time to come!

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!