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18 Days Til I Do!

18 days! Today's dress was super soft and flowy!


The cuffs didn't snap for me...


...because they were too tight, but we can fix that!

NDAD - Day 18 - Vintage Wedding Dress 2

The neckline was fabulous and you might not be able to see so well in this shot, but there's a few spots of sequin detailing.

NDAD - Day 18 - Vintage Wedding Dress 3

There's the detailing!! I started with some dye, Navy Blue this time!


When the dress came out, it was more of a bluish / lavender color - not as dark as I was planning for, BUT it still turned out so pretty!

I started off with some trimming! I cut the length a bit to create more of a short and summery dress.

NDAD - Day 18 - Vintage Wedding Dress Trimming Length

After pinning the bottom of the dress to prep for a new seam, I moved onto the rest of the piece. There was a ribbon that was falling apart sewn to the back of the dress that I removed along with the sleeves!

NDAD - Day 18 - Vintage Wedding Dress Sleeve Removing & Sewing

I just loved the lace detail and felt that the sleeves didn't totally do it justice. Then it was time to sew everything together!

Voila, new dress is done!

NDAD - Day 18 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

I just love how this turned out. The lace detail down the front pops now!

NDAD - Day 18 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

My ring matches this dress pretty awesomely too! (Thanks to my fiancé for calling that out to my attention and taking this lovely shot!)

Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress

The dress is so much lighter feeling and something that I would have bought off the rack. I love how the neckline is shaped the most!

NDAD - Day 18 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress 2

We were off to one of our last dinner date nights before the wedding and the lovely servers and team at our favorite Italian restaurant treated us to some cannolis. 

NDAD - Day 18 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress Cannolis

I was obsessed with "Congratulations" written on the plate and then those cannolis...❤️ ❤️❤️ As a kid my favorite cake filling was cannoli! We used to go to this Italian bakery in my town for birthdays growing up and it's still one of my favorites! 

NDAD - Day 18 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress Wine

I also brought a leather jacket to wear on top of my dress for when it got a bit chillier later on in the evening. I think this is a super fun way to give this soft look a little edge. 

NDAD - Day 18 - Upcycled Vintage Wedding Dress with Leather Jacket

I just love the color - another one down! 

Day 18 - Before:After.png

18 days til I do!

New Project is A-Coming!

There have been some fun things brewing in my life recently that I wanted to share! I'm thinking you can probably guess just by taking a look...

NDAD - Vintage Wedding Dress

But the REALLY exciting thing is that there's been a big project in the making that I've been hush hush on. 

Everything gets revealed tomorrow, so get ready. I couldn't be more excited.

NDAD - Vintage Wedding Dress

PS - I said YES! 💍💍💍

NDAD - Vintage Wedding Dress

xo Marisa