Winter Wardrobe Week!!

I've arrived to the wintry Colorado temperatures to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people. It feels amazing to have a little taste of the cold weather right now! I couldn't have packed more sweaters and coats for this short trip, though. The amount of pieces that I fit into my check on bag...astonishing. A girls gotta be prepared, right? These are just a few pieces that you'll see over the next few days...

Loving this 80s dress with that aqua suede panel front and center. It's like my Miss America sash!!

vintage 80s dress

Yep, those are screen printed feathers.

This is one of those pieces where people were shaking their heads and saying to themselves, "does that girl know what she's buying?"

Vintage Sweatshirt Jacket

Basic sweater with some not-so-basic discoloration. I have plans for this glorious oversized sweater that's going to be perfect when paired with my snow boots!

Vintage Faded Sweater

I hope you all have safe travels these next few days! Let the winter wardrobe week begin!!