Darci's NDAD Creation

When someone sends you a note on cat stationery, it becomes a treasured piece of mail! The lovely Darci in MI sent a remake my way that was striped perfection. Here's her note! New Dress A Day - Cat StationeryNew Dress A Day - Cat Stationery

My crafty sewing friend helped me recreate this dress into something that I'd actually wear.

New Dress A Day - Vintage Striped Dress

Time to see what Darci changed this striped apron-y/dress into...

Plus, a fun fact about the dress...it's MADE IN THE USA!!

New Dress A Day - Vintage Striped Dress

Striped fabulousness, Darci! I love the colors and the belt paired with it! Seasonal appropriate if you add a sweater on top and let the stripes peek out below. So many fun options! Thank you SO much for sharing - you look gorgeous!