Ninutschka's NDAD Creation

My girl Ninutschka in Germany submitted the cutest remake! The pattern is so fun and she totally worked it into something that suits her. It started off a bit frumpy, but check out her upcycling magic...

Some weeks ago I discovered your blog and was so impressed by all your great ideas. I am a vintage-lover too, and often customize my clothes. I found this simple, green printed dress at a flea market. The pattern is quite fun but the fabric is super full, so I wanted to create something else out of it.

New Dress A Day - vintage outdated dress

The dress was at least two sizes too big and this was especially apparent in the chest area. It is hand-sewn and I knew that I could work with the existing seams to make adjustments.

Check out the after look on Ninutschka (and her FAB shoes)...

First I edited the side seams respectively and took in about 5 centimeters. Next, I had to adjust the shoulder area as well as the chest with darts. This was a bit trickier :)

I stitched a 2 centimeter seam down the entire front of the dress from the collar-bone to the waist over the bust dart to reduce the material wealth. This worked quite well so far.

New Dress A Day - vintage upcycled dress

Finally I sewed an elastic waist, so that the dress can automatically adjust in this area.

It's not totally perfect yet, because there's still room to add a few braids, buttons or lace, but with the sporty turquoise cotton belt and wonderful to the bright yellow clogs (a find from my last flea market trip), I'm thrilled with the result!

New Dress A Day - vintage dress

I LOVE your outfit, Ninutschka! The dress color is perfect with those fabulous yellow shoes!! I need those shoes in my collection :) Way to take this flea market find and turn it into a dress that fits you like a charm! The entire look is simply adorable!! I would wear this entire look right now AND any time you want to swap, let me know :)

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