DIY: Metallic Pom Pom Gloves

I love the holidays and I love all the gifting associated with them (picking out and wrapping gifts is my favorite thing to do!), but I'm not going to's definitely a bit overwhelming!  I make sure I include everyone on the list from the BFFs, the family membz, and the UPS dudes, to the Secret Santa/white elephant partygoers, and it is a lot. To alleviate some of the gifting stresses this season, I've been getting my DIY on, crafting gifts like a madwoman!!  I'm going to show all the projects here on a fun "12 Days of Easy DIY's" and the best part is that they're $5 and less.  Woo hoo, they're totally budget friendly and easy which puts a big smile on my face!  Let's begin!

On the 1st day of DIY my true love gave to me. A partridge in a (pair of gloves) tree!

DAY 1: Metallic Pom Pom Gloves

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - metallic pom pom gloves

I LOVE this project because it not only picks up on the pom pom trend...

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - pom pom embellished sweaters

...but it adds a little bit of holiday glamour to the wardrobe!  Keep reading to find out how to make these easy gloves!

This project needs only three basic supplies:

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - pom pom gloves

1. Sparkle pom poms (These were a 99 Cent store score in the seasonal aisle.)

2. Thread & needle

3. Gloves (Magic stretchy gloves! These were a pair for $2 at Target)

With supplies in hand (totaling less than $3), all that needed to be done was a little bit of hand stitching.  I threaded my needle, knotted the end of the thread, and pushed it through the underside of the glove (1).  Once the needle was through the glove, I put a pom pom through the needle and stitched the needle back through the cuff (2). I repeated steps 1 and 2 again with my second pom pom (3), as well as my third (4), and continued this process until my glove's cuff was covered in pom poms.

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - pom pom gloves

I repeated the steps again to finish my second glove and ended up with a fabulous new pair of glitzy finger warmers!

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - pom pom gloves

I love this as a gift for your girlfriends - you can get all different colored gloves in jewel tones or create the same ones to match!

New Dress A Day - Holiday DIY - pom pom gloves

I see lots of jazz hands in our future!

One DIY down, 11 to go!!