Carla's NDAD Creation

I'm loving this piece that Carla submitted!  See how she tweaks her garment that was just a smidge too tight in certain areas.  It's totally giving me ideas on what to do with a few things I've been holding onto...

I was browsing a thrift booth at my local weekend market (because the best clothes are always less than $2) when the saleslady approached me and handed me this dress, saying that it would look divine on me for work.  It was actually very pretty - the fabric was light, sheer, and very breezy, while the flower print was adorable.

New Dress A Day - vintage muumuu - Goodwill - thrift store shopping

Upon putting it on however, I realized that my two "bosom buddies" were slightly choking at the top that the outdated buttons couldn't hold them in.

Love your nickname for the girls, Carla!  Time to see what she did to this piece...

Sigh.  I loved the fabric of the dress but there was no way that I could wear as it was!  I decided to make it work and cut off the top, transforming it into a gorgeous floral maxi skirt!

New Dress A Day - vintage muumuu - Goodwill - thrift store shopping

Simple and elegant, and so easy to match with anything!

The gorgeous maxi skirt rules, Carla!!  Way to get make this dress work.  Just thinking outside the box a little can really transform anything.  Now your "bosom buddies" aren't confined to the top of the piece anymore!!  Looking forward to your next piece!